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Obama agenda: Doubt (whether Healthcare.Gov is truly fixed)

“Tens of thousands of people who discovered that HealthCare.gov made mistakes as they were signing up for a health plan are confronting a new roadblock: The government cannot yet fix the errors,” The Washington Post reports. “Roughly 22,000 Americans have filed appeals with the government to try to get mistakes corrected, according to internal government data obtained by The Washington Post. They contend that the computer system for the new federal online marketplace charged them too much for health insurance, steered them into the wrong insurance program or denied them coverage entirely.”

On Sunday, “Obama said the initial problems with the government’s Healthcare.gov web site have been fixed ‘and now it’s working the way it’s supposed to and we’ve signed up 3 million people,’” NBCNews.com’s Tom Curry reports from an interview between Obama and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

James Kitfield notes that Joe Biden may very well have been right about dividing Iraq into three states, as it now sits on the precipice of descending back into civil war.

Janet Yellen takes over the Fed today.