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Off to the races: Moneyball (for 2014 fundraising)

Beth Reinhard: “The gap in Clinton's public record between her first presidential campaign and the moment if and when she launches a second one offers both opportunity and risk. Opportunity for a baggage-laden veteran to reintroduce herself to voters and reposition herself to be more appealing to the rising populist Left. Risk, in that critics will scrutinize the reintroduction and repositioning for flip-flops.” Think NSA…

She did weigh in on one thing. Roll Call: “Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton strongly backs the Obama administration view opposing new Iran sanctions for now in a letter released by Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin Sunday. ‘At this moment it is of particular importance that our government’s efforts work in coordination, not at cross-purposes. We should give anyone watching from Tehran no reason to doubt America’s unity and resolve,’ Clinton wrote. ‘And should Iran fail to provide adequate assurances to the international community and undertake commitments to ensure it will not and cannot produce a nuclear weapon, then the legislative and executive branches will move with speed and unity, backed by America’s allies to institute even tougher sanctions.’”

National Journal looks at Americans’ for Prosperity’s latest anti-Obamacare ad.

National Journal looks at some of the strong and weak fourth-quarter fundraising numbers. Among the winners: Democrats Michelle Nunn and Kay Hagan as well as Republicans Mitch McConnell, Terri Lynn Land and Dan Sullivan.

Politico with this 2016 fundraising detail: “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is headed to Dallas this week for a reelection fundraiser with rich Texas Republicans at the mansion of billionaire real estate titan Harlan Crow. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas invited Foster Friess to be his guest at last week’s State of the Union. Rick Santorum met last month in the Northern Virginia offices of his political guru John Brabender with top advisers, several of whom are on the payroll of his political outfit Patriot Voices. And Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who recently started a nonprofit that can accept unlimited donations, last week met some of the right’s most prolific donors at a Koch brothers’ retreat in the California desert.”

Liz Cheney says she’s not done with politics. Politico reports she said the following on a conference call with supporters announcing she wasn’t running in Wyoming this year: “At some point, I will be running for something else. This isn’t the right time for my family.”

NEW JERSEY: Chris Christie will speak at CPAC this year.

Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, and Rudy Giuliani stood by Christie Sunday.