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Congress: This land is your land?

The New York Times reports that House Republicans are set to unveil a framework for immigration reform at their retreat that does not include a path to citizenship. Even so, some influential conservative voices are calling on them not to do it. Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard told the Times: “It’s one of the few things that could actually disrupt what looks like a strong Republican year.”

National Review wrote this editorial: “Don’t Do It: The House GOP should do nothing on immigration.” And even though it does not include a path to citizenship, National Review still calls it “amnesty.”

Back to their corners… David Hawkings: “Seems like ‘date night’ just isn’t a thing anymore. Three years ago, many dozens of Republicans and Democrats arranged to sit side by side at the State of the Union. The break with decades of tradition was orchestrated in hopes of persuading the country that civil discourse and bipartisan collegiality had gained renewed value in Congress after the assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The roster of cross-aisle seating arrangements remained plenty big the next year, but there was a noticeable falloff in 2013. And, unless the situation changes in the last hours before President Barack Obama arrives at the Capitol on Tuesday, spotting crossover seatmates in the House chamber looks to be a genuinely difficult task this year.”

Avik Roy calls a plan by Coburn, Burr, and Hatch the “most credible” repeal-and-replace GOP plan yet on Obamacare.

Roll Call looks at what’s in it.

Roll Call: “The top four leaders negotiating a new farm bill have reached agreement, Senate Agriculture Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow said Monday. The Michigan Democrat told reporters that signatures still needed to be gathered from conferees before filing the report. Once that happens, the House Rules Committee is expected to meet to get the conference report set for House floor consideration no later than Wednesday.”