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Congress: Close to budget deal

Roll Call: “In what has become a familiar scenario, the House and Senate have a full legislative plate and only until Jan. 18 to clean it, with a potential government shutdown on the line. The current continuing resolution that keeps the government operational is set to expire Jan. 15, and appropriators announced on Friday that they would be seeking to approve a brief, three-day stopgap measure to avert a shutdown as they finalize the details of a massive omnibus spending package. The Senate as also so far failed to resolve partisan differences on offsets for an emergency extension of long-term jobless benefits that expired for 1.3 million Americans on Dec. 28.” 

David Rogers: “House-Senate negotiators have substantially narrowed their differences over a $1.1 trillion government wide spending bill and are closing in on a deal that the leadership hopes can be filed by Monday night and moved quickly through Congress this week.”