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Obama agenda: Highway to … the Promise Zone

USA Today: “President Obama [today] will designate troubled neighborhoods in five cities and areas as "Promise Zones," eligible for tax breaks and other forms of assistance designed to create jobs and improve education, housing and public safety. The first five Promise Zones will be located in San Antonio, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, southeastern Kentucky, and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, said a White House statement.”

NEW JERSEY: Christie is all over the front pages in New York and New Jersey:
The Star Ledger: “GWB Bombshell Dents Christie’s 2016 Hopes.”
The Record: “Stuck in a jam.”
The Asbury Park Press: “Do You Believe Him?”
The New York Post: “Chris in a jam.”
The New York Times: “Christie Faces Scandal on Traffic Jam.”

The Asbury Park Press wraps “Christie’s combative history” of bare-knuckles politics in “’Thuginator’ politics might haunt Christie in 2016 bid.”