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Off to the Races: Ready for Hillary PAC raises more than $4M in 2013

The pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC “Ready for Hillary” announced raising more than $4 million last year, the Washington Post says.

FLORIDA: The Hill looks at the family drama in the FL-13 special election. “The GOP race to replace the late Rep. Bill Young (R-Fla.) has become a political soap opera that could jeopardize Republicans’ hold on the seat. It has all the makings of a daytime drama: a widow disavowing her son due to opposing primary allegiances and a secret family kept hidden for decades only to surface a week before the contentious primary. And with an important swing district at stake, it’s the messy, public family feud that’s another added worry for the party ahead of Tuesday’s Republican primary, for which GOP leaders, and the Young family, are far from unified.”