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Off to the races: Obama won't wade into Hillary-vs.-Biden

Obama wouldn’t pick sides in a potential Clinton-Biden primary on Hardball yesterday. “Asked to ‘compare and contrast’ the pair's presidential attributes, Obama told MSNBC host there was ‘not a chance am I going there,’” The Hill writes. “‘They've got different strengths, but both of them would be outstanding,’ Obama said.” He added, “Both Hillary and Joe would make outstanding presidents and possess the qualities that are needed to be outstanding presidents.”

The Detroit Free Press: “Today, Detroit has the eye of the Republican Party. This morning, the state Republican Party will open an African American Engagement Office as part of a nationwide effort to reach out to black voters. Then, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. — expected by many to run for president in 2016 — will outline a plan to the Detroit Economic Club to get the bankrupt city back on its feet by slashing taxes. Along with a grassroots event featuring Paul at Grace Bible Chapel on Oakman, the moves are designed to help support a Republican plan to connect with minority voters who widely rejected the party in last year’s presidential election.”

Charlie Cook wonders if Democrats can recover from the botched health-care rollout and wonders even if “certain Senate Democrats may try to move the goalposts of a budget deal, pushing for additional Republican concessions to the point that House Speaker John Boehner can't deliver enough of the hard-liners in his caucus, thus creating a repeat of last fall's showdown.”

Hillary Clinton’s in DC to receive a human rights award from the Lantos Foundation. USA Today notes it’s the 19th award she’s received since leaving office as secretary of state in February.

Ann Romney was in DC yesterday promoting her book, “The Romney Table.” She said in order to win women, politicians need to remember “respect.” And here’s what she meant specifically: “Asked if she was referring to inelegant comments made in recent years by such Republican politicians as Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, Romney responded,” per Politico: “Those things you need to realize by the time you’re five or six or seven years old. You shouldn’t have to be talking to politicians about how to behave.”

MASSACHUSETTS: The Boston Globe: “Attorney General Martha Coakley sketched out plans Thursday for how she would improve the state’s education system if she were elected governor next year, including lengthening the academic day and calendar.”

MASSACHUSETT—ER, NEW HAMPSHIRE: Scott Brown at a fundraiser for the NH GOP made this gaffe yesterday, according to a video posted by liberal PAC American Bridge: “What I’ve heard from the Republicans up here is they’re thankful that I’ve been around for a year, helping them raise money, helping them raise awareness as to the issues that are effecting not only people here in Massachusetts — uh, in New Hampshire, but also in Massachusetts, obviously,”

Politico headline: “Scott Brown: Where am I?”

NORTH CAROLINA: “While Democrats up for re-election are facing heat over Obamacare, a Democratic-aligned super PAC launched a TV ad targeting the leading Republican in the North Carolina Senate race on the issue of health care,” Roll Call reports. “According to a Republican tracking ad buys, Senate Majority PAC is spending $736,000 over the next two weeks across four media markets to defend Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan and criticize her top Republican challenger, state Speaker Thom Tillis. It’s the second time in a month that the super PAC has come to the aid of Hagan.”