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Off to the races: McAuliffe leads in new Q-poll

National Journal: “To the surprise of Democrats on Capitol Hill, few of whom have been shy in criticizing Obama's apparent disinterest in their political troubles, the president, who loathes the rubber-chicken fundraising circuit, has come through. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Steve Israel said Obama has been ‘deeply engaged’ in the efforts to help his own party. …  Obama has committed to hold a total of 14 fundraisers for the two committees, including five for each in cities around the country, separate events in Washington, D.C., and two joint events. The only request Congressional Democrats made that the White House didn't fulfill was an ask for a direct transfer of money from Obama's campaign to the two committees.”

VIRGINIA: Quinnipiac has Terry McAuliffe (D) leading Ken Cuccinelli (R), 43%-39%, among registered voters. There’s a sizable gender gap with McAuliffe leading with women 48%-32%. Cuccinelli ekes out McAuliffe, however, in the question of someone would rather chat with at a barbecue, 38%-34%.

For what it’s worth, a Roanoke College poll showed Cucinnelli ahead 39%-33% (with leaners included). But Roanoke has been an outlier in the past.

Fact checkers called out Democrats for attacks on Cuccinelli for Medicare and Social Security from FactCheck.org and the Washington Post.

Ahead of President Obama’s speech on ObamaCare today, the Cuccinelli campaign wants McAuliffe to explain his position more clearly: “With President Obama set to make remarks today on his signature piece of legislation, which has been defined by higher costs and implementation failures, it is the perfect opportunity for Terry McAuliffe to address the issue in greater detail,” it said in a release, adding, “Terry McAuliffe said he would fight Washington if what Washington is up to “doesn’t make sense for Virginia.”  If Terry McAuliffe wants Virginians to think that he’d actually keep that commitment then he needs to reverse course and speak out vociferously today. ObamaCare doesn’t make sense for Virginia. Will Terry McAuliffe fight Washington?”

The Washington Post: “Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II did not break the law when he failed to disclose substantial stock holdings in Star Scientific and some gifts from the company’s chief executive, a state prosecutor concluded after a nearly three-month investigation.” More from the investigator: “Although one cannot help but question whether repeated omissions of gifts from Williams are coincidence or a pattern reflecting intent to conceal, the disclosure of several other gifts and benefits from Williams in his original statements suggests that the Attorney General was not attempting to conceal the relationship. Furthermore, we find no evidence that in his Statements the AG intentionally mischaracterized gifts and benefits from Star Scientific and Williams.”

WYOMING: “Sen. Michael B. Enzi’s sluggish fundraising over the first six months of the year wasn’t a problem until Tuesday, when Liz Cheney announced she would challenge the Wyoming Republican in a primary,” Roll Call writes. “Suddenly the third-term incumbent, who has spent a total of $4.2 million in three drama-free elections to the Senate, is among a cadre of vulnerable incumbents preparing for costly contests in 2014.”

Grover Norquist “says he doesn't know yet where Cheney stands on the issues, but is unhappy with Enzi for his help pushing an Internet sales tax bill through the Senate. If Cheney signs the ATR's ‘No new taxes’ pledge and opposes the bill, Norquist says his organization could back her,” The Hill writes.