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Rick Perry to announce future political plans on July 8

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will make an announcement about his political future on Monday, a source close to the Republican governor confirms to NBC News.

In an email to "friends," Perry confidantes are invited to a Monday announcement in San Antonio concerning the governor's "exciting future plans."

Perry has long played the decision of whether he will run for another gubernatorial term close to the vest. 

He had previously said he would announce his plans for 2014 this week, but that timetable was moved back after he called a special session of the Texas state legislature to address the abortion-rights fight catapulted into national news by Wendy Davis's filibuster.

The outspoken conservative governor hinted to reporters in New York last month that he might also be considering another run for the presidency --  after his previous attempt was marred by his notorious "oops" moment in a CNBC debate in Michigan in 2011.

"Later in the year, if there's more expansive plans than that we'll announce at the appropriate time," he said.

The email was first reported by CNN. 


The full text of the email is below.

*** Howdy Friends,
Please save the date of July 8th, 2013
Governor Rick Perry
Aggie, the longest serving Governor of the great state of Texas and friend,
will be making an announcement around mid day in San Antonio concerning his exciting future plans!
Please join his family and closest friends on July 8th
details to follow