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Obama agenda: Obama and Bush together again

Tom Curry: “The laying of a wreath at the American embassy in Dar es Salaam Tuesday symbolized a big theme of both the Barack Obama and George W Bush administrations: The war against al Qaeda. … in dealing with al Qaeda, Obama hasn’t turned out to be exactly what his supporters expected in 2008. Obama expanded Bush’s strategy of using unmanned drones to kill suspected terrorists in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.”

More: “At a meeting earlier Tuesday, Laura Bush shared a platform with Michelle Obama and spoke of the overriding need for freedom – freedom not only from tyranny but also in education, economics and other areas.”

The New York Times: “Two presidents who spent much of their time in office fighting terror stood solemnly next to each other Tuesday morning as a United States marine placed a wreath to mark the memory of those killed here by a terrorist bomb 15 years ago.”

“President Barack Obama on Monday courted African business leaders and announced new trade initiatives to open up East Africa’s markets to American businesses, as he sought to counter the rise of Chinese economic influence in the growing continent,” the AP writes. “The United States, he declared, wants to ‘step up our game’ in a region that is home to six of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies. The president was welcomed in Tanzania by the largest crowds of his weeklong trip to the continent where his family ties run deep. Thousands of people lined the streets as his motorcade sped through this city on the shores of the Indian Ocean, some wearing shirts and traditional khanga wraps bearing Obama’s image. The oceanfront road leading to the Tanzanian president’s residence had been permanently changed to ‘Barack Obama Drive’ in honor of the visit.”

The French and Germans are not happy with U.S. surveillance of their leaders. Obama dismissed the concerns, but didn’t deny the U.S. does it, saying everybody gathers “intelligence.”

USA Today: “Obama's three-day stint in South Africa was overshadowed by protests, which saw South African police shoot rubber bullets into a crowd of hundreds of students prior to his speech at the University of Johannesburg.”

Obama called Morsi in Egypt.

Obama was kicking around a “soccket ball,” a ball that after being played with generates enough energy to charge a phone or a light. It can power an LED lamp for 72 hours.

AP: “The SOCCKET ball, invented by two female Harvard graduates, is among the featured devices President Barack Obama will see on exhibit during a presentation at a Tanzanian power plant Tuesday.”

And here’s Obama dancing in Tanzania.