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Off to the races: Hillary's 'Too Small to Fail'

Hillary Clinton launched “Too Small to Fail,” an initiative focused on helping children 0-5. Here’s the kickoff video. Here’s the site.

Beth Reinhard: “Rand Paul and Marco Rubio may go head-to-head in a fierce competition for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. But a funny thing is happening on the way to the White House: The would-be rivals have found themselves in a light bromance, each needing to bask in the other's glow for their own political purposes. Rubio needs Paul's help -- and political cover on the right -- to get an immigration bill passed. Paul needs Rubio's help -- particularly with the Hispanic community -- to soften his image in the center.”

Here’s our take on yesterday’s speeches at the Faith and Freedom Coalition event in DC: “Four Republican senators – including two who might run for president in 2016 – addressed a gathering of social conservatives on Thursday, touting their pet issues and outlining their goals and accomplishments. But they also urged the activists in attendance not to give up the fight, despite many inside the party calling for change on how the party talks about its values.”

“The four who spoke to the Faith and Freedom conference in Washington, D.C., were all elected in 2010 and fueled by the Tea Party: Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Rand Paul, R-Ky., Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Ron Johnson, R-Wis.”

Rick Santorum also addressed the conservative conference yesterday. “Rick Santorum ripped Mitt Romney’s campaign Thursday for mishandling President Barack Obama’s ‘you didn’t build that’ gaffe last summer,” Politico writes. “The former Pennsylvania senator recalled all the business owners who spoke at the Republican National Convention. ‘One after another, they talked about the business they had built. But not a single—not a single —factory worker went out there,’ Santorum told a few hundred conservative activists at an ‘after-hours session’ of the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington. ‘Not a single janitor, waitress or person who worked in that company! We didn’t care about them. You know what? They built that company too! And we should have had them on that stage.’”

MASSACHUSETTS: Vice President Biden’s going to Massachusetts next week to campaign for Ed Markey.