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Poll: Americans' faith in Congress lower than all major institutions -- ever

Americans really, really, really don’t trust Congress.

That’s been born out in poll after poll, but a new number from Gallup shows that Americans currently have the least faith in Congress of any of the major institutions they’ve polled.


That means that  – since Gallup started the poll in 1973 – no institution from a list of 16 has been trusted less than Congress is now, including: big business, the medical system, newspapers, television news, HMOs and banks.

The Gallup poll shows that just 10 percent of Americans say they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in Congress, down three points from last year. That low level is relatively consistent between Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

“This is the lowest level of confidence Gallup has found, not only for Congress, but for any institution on record,” Gallup wrote Thursday.

As usual, the poll found that Americans have the most confidence in the U.S. military, at 76 percent.

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