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Congress: Tempers flare in immigration debate

NBC’s Carrie Dann: “The day after an overwhelming bipartisan vote to begin work on a comprehensive immigration reform bill, that debate got a little less, um, Kumbaya. A procedural squabble erupted on the third day of formal discussion on the bill as both sides wrangled over how to begin the process of amending the legislation, and senators argued heatedly over a proposed amendment by Texas Sen. John Cornyn that would broaden the requirements for border security -- and, some say, could jeopardize the timeline for a path to citizenship.”

The AP: “Bickering across a deep divide, supporters of immigration legislation pushed back hard Wednesday against Republican demands for tougher border security measures before millions living illegally in the country could take the first steps toward U.S. citizenship. Even modest changes were snared in the political crossfire that erupted on the first full day of debate on the measure.”

Reid Wilson: “As the Senate begins debate on a sweeping overhaul to the nation's immigration system, some Republicans worry they'll find themselves stuck between a rock and border fence. And they have good reason to be anxious. The bill presents political opportunities for the Republican Party as a whole, and its efforts to refresh a conversation with the rapidly-growing population of Hispanic voters. It also presents a field of landmines for individual members who face competing interests at home, from business communities that support the bill and conservative activists who oppose it. The tug-and-pull between the national party's political interests and an individual member's political interests has Republican senators and their advisors taking pains to build a foundation for their votes.”

With Rep. Trent Franks’ comments Wednesday that the incidence of pregnancies resulting from rape are “very low,” Super PAC American Bridge, which supports Democrats, has relaunched, ItsNotJustAkin.com. The group cites Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) endorsing mandatory ultrasounds and the House passing a law banning abortion with no exception for rape, as well as Franks’ comments.

The DNC also issues this memo: “Yesterday, Republicans from Washington, DC to Madison, WI and Austin, TX began waging a new war on women’s health by acting on additional unnecessary and insulting state and federal legislation that further restricts a woman's ability to make the health care choices that are right for her.  This, just weeks after the GOP’s infamous ‘autopsy’ report acknowledged the Republican Party’s problems with women and pledged to change.”

Politico follows up on the Issa-Cummings spat over their committee’s IRS investigation. “Rep. Elijah Cummings is backing away from his assertion that the investigation into the IRS scandal is ‘solved’ and says he still wants to work with Republicans on the probe. In a brief interview with POLITICO on Wednesday, Cummings said that he was trying to argue that — contrary to some GOP comments — the investigation has proven the Obama administration didn’t order the IRS to target conservative groups applying for a tax exemption. ‘The witch hunt needs to end,’ said Cummings, who is the top Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. ‘What I meant was the witch hunt.’”

That said, Issa still hasn’t released the committee’s full transcripts of interviews with IRS employees.

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D) writes an op-ed in Roll Call endorsing Elizabeth Warren’s student-loan plan.

John Boehner sang his “birthday song” to Kate Upton, the swimsuit model and niece of GOP Rep. Fred Upton, Chris Frates writes. Here’s a clip of him singing it.

What’s a million here, a million there? How Domino’s Pizza made Eric Cantor even richer: “The Cantors, who have been married since 1989, were millionaires before Diana Cantor joined the board of Domino’s, but the company’s success has nonetheless dramatically swelled their wealth,” National Journal writes. “In 2006, her first full year on the board, the Cantors had a net worth of between $1.97 million and $6.51 million, according to calculations by the Center for Responsive Politics. That means her $3 million in Domino’s compensation has boosted their total net worth by roughly between 50 percent and 150 percent since 2006.”