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Congress: Fix the IRS … by repealing Obamacare?

Marco Rubio press release: “Senator Rubio Tells Constituents: Repealing ObamaCare Only Answer To IRS Scandal.” Here’s video of him addressing it. 

The Washington Post’s fact checker addressed health care and the IRS after the NRCC went after it: “The IRS will certainly play an important role, and questions could be raised about that role in the wake of the latest revelations. But that’s no reason to raise unnecessary fears about the tax man handling people’s health care.” 

Rubio is trying to sell immigration reform to conservatives and anything he can do to appear against the president otherwise certainly doesn’t hurt his effort with the former. 

Rep. Bobby Rush called Rep. Mark Kirk an “elitist white boy.” The Chicago Sun-Times: “Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) is highly critical of a proposal by Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) for mass arrests of 18,000 Gangster Disciples, telling the Sun-Times on Wednesday that Kirk’s approach is ‘headline grabbing’ and an ‘upper-middle-class, elitist white boy solution to a problem he knows nothing about.’” (h/t: Political Wire.)