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Off to the races: Bachmann calls it quits

ALASKA: Joe Miller’s back… Politico: “It looks like it’s time to stop calling Joe Miller a former Senate candidate. The Alaska conservative activist who lost a 2010 bid for the Senate after besting incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski in a GOP primary, has filed a form indicating he intends to run for Senate again in 2014, according to documentation from the office of the Secretary of the Senate.”

ARKANSAS: More Politico: “The Senate Conservatives Action super PAC is launching a $320,000 television ad campaign Wednesday against Arkansas Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor. The first of three 30-second spots features 11 voters describing the incumbent as a liberal who voted for the stimulus and bank bailout bills as well as Obamacare.”

COLORADO: The Denver Post: “One of Colorado's most competitive and viable Republicans in office decided Tuesday he was not going to run against Democratic Sen. Mark Udall next year. Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, said had decided against the race, which currently fields no Republican candidates.”

KENTUCKY: Mitch McConnell (R) is invoking Nixon, and comparing Obama to him, in his latest video. It uses footage from Nixon saying, “When the president does it that means it is not illegal.”

MASSACHUSETTS: First Lady Michelle Obama holds a fundraiser for Rep. Ed Markey (D) in Boston today. (She will also meet with Boston marathon bombing victims.) It’s her first fundraiser since the 2012 election. As is to be expected, President Obama officially endorsed Markey yesterday.

Markey’s up with a new ad hitting Gabriel Gomez (R) on tax policy.

But that comes as Markey is admitting that he should have given more money to charity. AP headline: “Dem. Markey: I could have given more to charity.” From the story: “In 2012, Markey reported giving $3,500 to charity. That was a jump from 2011, when he reported giving $1,900. As a member of the U.S. House or Representatives, Markey makes about $150,000 annually. Asked while campaigning Tuesday if he could have given more, Markey said he ‘probably could have done better.’”

And Gomez went after Markey “Tuesday for voting nearly 300 times in favor of higher taxes,” the Boston Globe writes.

MINNESOTA: NBC’s Jessica Taylor: “Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann announced Wednesday morning in a she won’t seek reelection in 2014 -- a decision that will likely help the GOP hold her seat next year. … The controversial and often outspoken politician was the only reason her seat was a concern for 2014, and without the one-time presidential candidate on the ballot, Republicans’ chances of holding the seat skyrocket.”

Hotline’s Reid Wilson: “Bachmann may have been the loudest member of the class of 2006, the one who inspired the most heated arguments. But she will hardly be the most consequential; her enduring legacy may be the lessons she taught in how to lose friends and become completely uninfluential. With her exit, Democrats lose a potent fundraising tool. Republicans lose a headache they would just as soon do without.”

WASHINGTON: An interesting story from National Journal’s Coral Davenport: “A local election—the race for four seats on the Whatcom County Council—is shaping up to have a profound national, even global, impact. The outcome could affect the U.S. coal industry, trade relations with China, and the planet’s changing climate. Already, the county race is on the radar of the coal industry, which campaigned against President Obama in 2012 on the charge that he’s waged a ‘war on coal,’ and of national advocacy groups such as the League of Conservation Voters, which spent $14 million nationally to influence the 2012 elections.”