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Off to the races: Warner declines to endorse in VA

The L.A. Times profiles George P. Bush: “He is the fourth generation to enter the family business: Great-grandpa was a U.S. senator, grandpa and an uncle were presidents, dad was a governor. And even if his aim is conspicuously low, a run for the office of Texas land commissioner, expectations could not be higher — the governorship sometime in the next decade, followed, in the manner of dynastic destiny, with another White House reign. First, though, there is next year's election and the attendant need for Bush to banish even the slightest hint of complacency, much less entitlement.”

More: Unlike his grandfather, George H.W., and uncle, George W., who were Connecticut-born transplants to Texas, he carries not the slightest whiff of Northeastern privilege. A graduate of Houston's Rice University and the law school at the University of Texas in Austin, the younger Bush has taught inner-city school kids and served in Navy intelligence in Afghanistan, where, for security reasons, he worked under an assumed name. He lives with his wife, Amanda, in Fort Worth, where he founded an energy consulting firm. Their first child, a boy, is due later this year. Despite his political immersion and considerable charm, however, Bush is not a naturally gifted campaigner. His debut speech before a gathering of business and political leaders — and a bank of TV cameras — was generally panned for its platitudes and wooden, somewhat nervous delivery.”

Politico wonders who Hillary Clinton would hire if she runs in 2016.

MASSACHUSETTS: Gabriel Gomez (R) called Ed Markey (D) “pond scum.” Markey released his tax returns.

NEW YORK: “Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo, the prohibitive 2016 Democratic front-runner and the New York governor believed to be interested in the White House, were in lockstep Monday for Memorial Day,” Politico writes. “The pair marched together in a Westchester parade marking the day.”

“Donald Trump has spent more than $1 million on electoral research for a potential presidential run in 2016,” the New York Post writes. (But if anyone thinks he’s SERIOUSLY thinking about a presidential bid, we have some real estate in Antarctica we’ve love to sell you….)

VIRGINIA: Retired Sen. John Warner (R) declined to endorse Ken Cuccinelli (R) for governor. He told the Richmond Times Dispatch: “Each person in our state’s got to make their own judgment. … On that issue, I maintain a golden silence — because the facts are clear for all to interpret.”