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Obama agenda: Health care back in spotlight

Obama said in Texas yesterday that Republicans were blocking parts of his agenda for “frankly political reasons.” And he urged people to pressure members of Congress to do more. "Every once in a while, I'm going to need your help to lean on your elected representatives and say, 'Hey, let's do something about this,’” Obama said, adding, "Sometimes I'm going to need constituents to pressure their members of Congress to do the right thing."

“President Barack Obama is launching a new effort to rally the public around his hotly disputed health care law, a strategy aimed at shoring up key components of the sweeping federal overhaul and staving off yet another challenge from Republicans,” the AP writes. “The president will specifically target women and young people, groups that backed him overwhelmingly during his presidential campaigns. During a Mother’s Day-themed event at the White House on Friday, Obama will promote the benefits of the law for women, including free cancer screenings and contraceptives, and ask moms to urge their uninsured adult children to sign up for the health insurance ‘exchanges’ that open this fall.”

USA Today: “President Obama turns his attention back Friday to one of his signature issues, health care. A White House event this afternoon ties implementation of the massive 2010 health care law to Mother's Day on Sunday. Obama will discuss the benefits of the law for women, and also ask mothers to encourage young people to sign up when insurance exchanges go on line in October.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune: “With cheers and protests thundering through the Capitol, the Minnesota House on Thursday took a historic step toward legalizing same-sex marriage. The bill passed 75-59 with resounding DFL support and the votes of four Republicans. The measure now goes to the Senate on Monday, where its passage is considered likely.”

Mark your calendars… A German official says President Obama will visit with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin June 18-19 while Obama is traveling for the G-8 Summit in Northern Ireland, which takes place June 17-18.