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Congress: No knockout punch on Benghazi

AP: “A daylong House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday starred three State Department officials invited by Republicans. Security was poorly handled in Benghazi, Libya, they said, and administration officials later tried to obscure what happened. But the three men offered little that has not been aired in previous congressional hearings. Afterward, Republicans all but acknowledged they’re still seeking a knockout punch.”

In fact, Lindsey Graham says Hillary Clinton should come back to testify on Benghazi and should be required to do so by subpoena, if necessary. "I hope she would come back without that, but yes," he told USA Today. "I think she needs to come back and answer questions. Did she know that Cheryl Mills called the DCM (deputy chief of mission) to tell him, watch the member of Congress and don't talk to him? And there's now evidence that she was made aware of the security concerns and basically ignored security requests."

“The Senate Gang of Eight made a series of overt attempts Thursday to win over Republicans on immigration reform, using the first day of Judiciary Committee debate to tighten border security measures on the bill,” Politico writes. “None of the amendments impose drastic changes on the legislation. The most significant concession involved requiring the government to achieve ‘effective control’ of the entire Southwestern border, not just high-risk areas.”

Look! It’s a prince! “Ladies, grab your Union Jacks: Prince Harry, the world's most eligible royal bachelor, is here,” USA Today writes. “Rarely has such squealing been heard in the corridors of the Capitol when the 28-year-old third-in-line to the British throne turned up for a visit Thursday. And then more squealing when he appeared at a White House tea party for an unexpected drop-in with a crowd of stunned military moms and grandmoms.”