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Obama agenda: Texas, Texas, yee-haw

“Aiming to show he’s still focused on creating jobs, President Barack Obama is beginning a series of quick trips around the country to resurrect ideas from his State of the Union address that quickly became overshadowed by the intense debates over gun control, immigration and automatic spending cuts,” the AP writes. “Obama on Thursday was dropping in on Austin, Texas, and using that bustling state capital as a backdrop to talk about attracting jobs, providing skills training and ensuring that hard work begets a decent living.”

President Obama waved off a letter on border security from Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Norm Ornstein: “At nearly every speech I give, someone asks about President Obama’s failure to lead. Of course, that question has been driven largely by the media, perhaps most by Bob Woodward. When Woodward speaks, Washington listens, and he has pushed the idea that Obama has failed in his fundamental leadership task—not building relationships with key congressional leaders the way Bill Clinton did, and not ‘working his will’ the way LBJ or Ronald Reagan did. Now, after the failure to get the background-check bill through the Senate, other reporters and columnists have picked up on the same theme, and I have grown increasingly frustrated with how the mythology of leadership has been spread in recent weeks. I have yelled at the television set, ‘Didn’t any of you ever read Richard Neustadt’s classic Presidential Leadership? Haven’t any of you taken Politics 101 and read about the limits of presidential power in a separation-of-powers system?’ But the issue goes beyond that, to a willful ignorance of history.”

“House Democrats discussed a range of issues, including the economy, immigration reform, gun control and the ongoing investigation in Boston, over dinner with President Barack Obama on Wednesday night,” Politico writes.

Obama also met with a raft of energy executives privately “to discuss the industry's response to Hurricane Sandy last year and preparations for this year's hurricane season,”Politico writes.

Politico: “Top Asian-American leaders met Wednesday with President Barack Obama and senior staff in a meeting that participants called a ‘meaningful’ discussion on immigration, health care and civil rights.”