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Congress: Immigration bill moving to the right?

Roll Call: “Conservatives exiting a private meeting with Sen. Marco Rubio to discuss immigration reform predicted that legislation pending before Congress would move significantly to the right as it proceeds toward President Barack Obama’s desk.” Roll Call has the full list of attendees and this quote from Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration policy analyst with Cato: “Whatever bill makes it to the president’s desk will be different than the one that we see now, and I think it will move significantly to the right.”

Politico looks at Rubio vs. DeMint on immigration reform. “Rubio hosted leaders of tea party groups and other conservatives in his Capitol Hill office for some frank talk on the need for reform — and how to do it without alienating the Republican base…. The Rubio-DeMint clash is the highest-profile example yet of a division in the Republican Party — between those who believe immigration reform is a must-do to win national elections against those who argue it’s a betrayal of conservative values.

National Journal looks at the immigration reform bill and the potentially negative impact on the poor.

Hearing day… “With a Senate committee vote set for Wednesday on the nomination of Thomas E. Perez for Labor secretary, House Republicans convened a joint hearing Tuesday to examine a whistle-blower case that GOP lawmakers have been using as ammunition against him,” Roll Call writes.