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Obama agenda: A Penny for your thoughts

The president gets a 48%/45% approval in a Quinnipiac poll. Obama gets just a 41%/53% rating on handling the economy, 47%/43% on foreign policy, 40%/50% on immigration, 41%/52% on guns, 37%/35% on Syria, 55%/38% on terrorism. Republicans in Congress get at 24%/67% rating. Democrats get a 31%/60% rating.

AP: “President Barack Obama on Thursday will nominate a longtime fundraiser to run the Commerce Department and a top economic adviser as the next U.S. Trade Representative, a White House official said.”

Pritzker was key to Obama’s rise. He was struggling in 2004 trying to figure out how he was going to raise enough money for a Senate run and alleviate Michelle Obama’s financial fears given that he’d maxed out his credit cards running for office. Obama was able to win over Pritzker, the first of big fundraisers for his Senate bid.

As David Mendell wrote in his book, “From Promise to Power,” “With Penny Pritzker on board, other influential Chicago-based Democrats and philanthropists soon followed suit.” In fact, Obama’s Senate victory party was held at the Chicago Hyatt Regency, owned by the Pritzker family.

More from AP: “If confirmed, Pritzker would become the fourth woman serving as secretary in Obama’s current Cabinet. She also would be the wealthiest in the Cabinet by far, with Forbes estimating her net worth at $1.85 billion and ranking her as the 277th richest American. Pritzker is a lifelong Chicagoan who has known Obama since the 1990s and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for both his presidential campaigns. She was his finance chairwoman in 2008, served as co-chair of Obama for America 2012 and gave $250,000 to help put on his inaugural festivities in January.”

“Making official what many Democrats have expected for weeks, President Obama plans to nominate Chicago business executive Penny Pritzker, a longtime political supporter and heavyweight fundraiser, as his new Commerce secretary on Thursday morning,” the Chicago Tribune writes. “Pritzker's nomination could prove controversial. She is on the board of Hyatt Hotels Corp., which was founded by her family and has had rocky relations with labor unions, and she could face questions about the failure of a bank partly owned by her family. With a personal fortune estimated at $1.85 billion, Pritzker is listed by Forbes magazine among the 300 wealthiest Americans.”

AP on Froman: “USTR nominee Michael Froman is one of Obama’s senior economic advisers and a former Citigroup executive. … He has been Obama’s main representative at international economic summits such as the meetings of the Group of Eight and Group of 20. He is responsible for coordinating White House policy on international trade, investments, energy, climate and development. Froman served during President Bill Clinton’s administration as chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin. He also worked as deputy assistant secretary for Eurasia and the Middle East and did a White House stint similar to his current job under Obama.”

“President Barack Obama’s administration on Wednesday angered allies in women’s groups by appealing a judge’s ruling that the morning-after pill must be available over the counter to girls of all ages,” Politico writes. “The administration has argued that the pill should not be readily available to young teens, so the appeal is consistent with that position.”

Implementation of ObamaCare… “Six insurance carriers submitted 165 separate health insurance plans to be offered on the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace, the online exchange where individuals and small businesses in October can begin buying coverage that begins next year, state officials said Wednesday,” the Chicago Tribune reports, adding, “Almost a million Illinois residents will be eligible for a new federal income tax credit to help offset the cost of buying health insurance, a key component of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul that requires individuals to carry health insurance or pay a penalty. To receive the point-of-sale credits, consumers must buy health insurance through the exchange.”

Finally, Stephanie Cutter, Jen O’Malley Dillon, Teddy Goff, and others have become the latest Obama campaign alums to form a new strategy/communications firm -- called Precision.