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Congress: Tamp it down

“President Obama is warning liberal supporters that their push to make changes in a comprehensive immigration bill could jeopardize the strategy of Senate leaders, who are aiming to win up to 70 votes for the measure,” the Washington Post reports. “While much of Washington has focused on objections from Republicans, Obama and other Democrats have mounted a behind-the-scenes campaign in recent days aimed at mollifying advocates, who argue that an 844-page Senate bill excludes too many illegal immigrants and makes it too hard for the rest to become citizens.”

Mitch McConnell continues to lead the charge against the implementation of ObamaCare. He pens an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer in which he calls the president “misleading” and making “untrue” statements about the law. He writes: “The president has refused repeated Republican calls to take concerns about Obamacare public and prepare the American people for the changes ahead. In fact, on Tuesday, he actually chose to do the exact opposite, saying that ‘this thing's already happened’ for most Americans. ‘Full stop, that's it . . . they don't have to worry about anything else.’ Well, that's simply untrue, and that kind of misleading statement is only going to cause more Americans to be blindsided when more pieces of the law start to take effect.”