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Congress: Band-Aid approach

“First, meat inspectors got a reprieve from the sequester,” Roll Call writes. “Then air-traffic controllers at the Federal Aviation Administration . Now cancer and teachers’ groups are hoping to jump on the slippery slope Congress appears to have created by carving out special status for some programs hurt by automatic spending cuts.”

David Drucker: “Many in the rank and file, particularly the freshman and sophomore members but also some of the veterans, believe the best way to make the case against the health care law is to push for full repeal, both because of the message it sends and in some cases because they fear that repealing the worst parts of it might reduce public demand to throw the whole thing out.”

Rep. Jim Clyburn will be honored Friday by South Carolina Democrats for this being his 20th year in Congress. He told The State: “What drives me is to dispel every single myth that exists about black people. That’s all I live for, really.”