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Obama agenda: Questions for the FBI

The Boston Globe: “Russian authorities alerted the US government not once but `multiple’ times over their concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev -- including a second time nearly a year after he was first interviewed by FBI agents in Boston -- raising new questions about whether the FBI should have focused more attention on the suspected Boston Marathon bomber, according to US senators briefed on the probe Tuesday. The FBI has previously said it interviewed Tsarnaev in early 2011 after it was initially contacted by the Russians. After that review, the FBI has said, it determined he did not pose a threat. In a closed briefing on Tuesday, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee learned that Russia alerted the United States about Tsarnaev in `multiple contacts’ -- including `at least once since October 2011,’ said Richard Burr, a Republican of North Carolina, speaking with reporters afterward.”

“Criminal charges were dropped Tuesday against a Mississippi man accused of mailing poisoned letters to President Obama and two other officials,” the New York Times writes. “One day after the F.B.I. said it could find no evidence that the man, Paul Kevin Curtis, was behind the plot, a federal judge released him from jail and federal authorities shifted focus to another person of interest in the case.”

NBCNewYork.com: “David Petraeus is replacing one kind of intelligence work for another. Macaulay Honors College at City University of New York said Tuesday the ex-Central Intelligence Agency director and retired four-star general has been named a visiting professor for public policy.”