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Democratic TV ad throws kitchen sink at Sanford

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is going up with a new TV ad hitting Republican Mark Sanford in South Carolina's special congressional election.

And the DCCC ad throws the kitchen sink at Sanford -- the affair with the Argentine mistress, misusing taxapayer money, the Appalachian Trail.

"Mark Sanford walked out on us," the advertisement goes, showing the image of someone hiking. It continues that Sanford "violated our trust, secretly used thousands of taxpayer dollars flying to Argentina -- and then lied about it."

"Now he wants our trust again? Maybe Mark Sanford should just keep walking."

The ad buy (April 19-28 at $205,000) is in the Charleston and Savannah markets, per the DCCC.

The ad comes as House Majority PAC, a Democratic Super PAC, is airing a similar TV advertisement against Sanford, while the former South Carolina governor is hitting Democratic nominee Elizabeth Colbert Busch with an ad tying to her to unions.

The general election is on May 7.