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Congress: Now on to immigration reform

“The Senate’s Gang of Eight is mounting an aggressive lobbying campaign with one major goal: weaken the conservative opposition to a sweeping immigration overhaul,” Politico writes.

One of those pieces of opposition – “Conservative sites were not the only ones running with a wildly inaccurate rumor about immigration reform bill providing immigrants with free phones Wednesday,” Buzzfeed writes. “The myth about the phones, which sites such as the Shark Tank and the Brietbart website dubbed ‘Marcophones’ come from speculation based on southwest border region emergency communication grants. A Senate staffer for Jeff Sessions may have helped spread the rumor as well.”

AP looks at the prospects for immigration reform to pass.

National Journal says the immigration plan could lead to border security.

“GOP operative Andy Parrish, a former chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, is expected to tell an Iowa Senate ­ethics panel that her 2012 presidential campaign made improper payments to its state chairman,” the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Parrish was one of Bachmann’s top political advisers.