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Off to the races: McConnell's latest TV ad

KENTUCKY: “Mitch McConnell continues to seize on the bungled taping of his Louisville campaign headquarters,” Politico writes. “The Senate Minority Leader will go on the air Thursday with a new commercial that links last week’s brouhaha to the Democratic president’s desire to oust him.”

His ad tries to link Obama with those who recorded his strategy session. “Mitch McConnell’s is Obama’s No. 1 target, because Mitch protects Kentucky from Obama’s bad ideas. Liberals will do anything to beat McConnell,” a narrator says in the ad. Then a TV news clip: “Two active Louisville Democrats are accused tonight of spying on Mitch McConnell’s Louisville campaign headquarters.”

Narrator: “They also launched racial attacks against Mitch’s wife. And now, liberals compare Mitch to al Qaeda terrorists and North Korea’s dictator. How dirty will Obama’s allies get.”

McConnell still doesn’t even have a Democratic opponent.

And there’s this: “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign didn’t waste time pointing out that he won the gun control fight,” Politico writes. “Immediately after Wednesday’s vote, his campaign posted an image on his Facebook page showing Majority Leader Harry Reid with his hands open [just a pinch] with the caption, ‘Can we have this much gun control?’ The next box showed McConnell with the caption, ‘No.’”

SOUTH CAROLINA: “Former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford’s (R) ex-wife, who we learned Tuesday filed a trespassing complaint against her husband earlier this year, has also accused her husband of shirking their divorce agreement on at least three other occasions,” the Washington Post reports. “According to documents obtained by the Washington Post, Jenny Sanford filed a complaint against Mark Sanford in March 2012 for violating the terms of having their sons on the Sanford family’s Coosaw plantation. The terms state that ‘no airplanes will be flown at the children.’ She has also accused him of failing to properly insure the property and of missing a child support payment. Jenny Sanford told AP the latter situation has been resolved.”

And when Jenny Sanford says it’s about the kids, well, maybe this is why: “For Sanford’s teenage son Bolton, that very public moment marked the first time he had ever been in the presence of Maria Belen Chapur,” the Washington Post reports. “Sanford’s former wife Jenny confirmed in a text message: ‘That was indeed Bolton’s first intro and both boys were quite upset and visibly so.’ Their son’s discomfort is evident in photos of the event.”

The State: “A source at the committee [the NRCC] said it was caught off guard by the trespassing complaint, filed in February, which is why the committee decided to get out of the race.”

But that doesn’t mean Sanford’s going to lose: “If the district holds true to its demographics, you’ve still got to think that it should lean in his favor,” GOP strategist Richard Quinn of Columbia said.