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Obama advocacy group raised almost $5 million so far in 2013

President Barack Obama's political advocacy group -- converted from his former campaign apparatus -- raised nearly $5 million in the first quarter of 2013, according to a release from the group, Organizing for Action, on Friday.

OFA reported raising $4,892,759 between January and the end of March from almost 110,000 donors, making for an average donation of about $44.65. Only 1.3 percent of the group's total donors -- 1,428 donors -- contributed over $250.

While the figures hardly compare to the mammoth sums raised by Obama during the height of the presidential campaign, the money still funds advocacy actions have already begun to take shape. For instance, OFA has sought to organize support and advertise in favor of immigration and gun law reforms -- two pillars of the president's second-term domestic agenda.

While OFA was not legally required to disclose its donors, it named benefactors who contributed over $250. The group had come under scrutiny for the risk that donations might result in access to Obama, and create an appearance of impropriety. Below is a partial list of some of the biggest donors to OFA over the last quarter:

Naomi D. Aberly; Dallas, TX; $10,000; Anthony P. Crabb; Healdsburg, CA; $50,000 Laura Debonis; Boston, MA; $50,000 Erdal Durmaz; Bloomfield, NJ; $10,000 William H. Freeman; Nashville, TN; $50,000 John Goldman; Atherton, CA; $125,000 Barbara Grasseschi; Healdsburg, CA; $50,000 Richard Harpootlian; Columbia, SC; $10,000 Wayne Jordan; Oakland, CA; $50,000 Michael Kempner; East Rutherford, NJ; $50,000 Orin S. Kramer; Englewood, NJ; $75,000 Prakazrel Michel; Beverly Hills, CA; $20,000 Nicola M. Miner; San Francisco, CA; $125,000 John Morgan; Orlando, FL; $50,000 Philip Munger; New York, NY; $250,000 National Education Association; Washington, DC; $15,466 Ryan Smith; Salt Lake City, UT; $50,875 S. Donald Sussman Portland, ME; $50,000 Andrew Tobias; New York, NY; $50,000 Ercument Tokat; Clifton, NJ; $40,000 Frank White, Jr.; Washington, DC; $30,000 Abdulhadi Yildirim; Clifton, NJ; $10,000 Imaad Zuberi; El Monte, CA; $50,000