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Obama agenda: Thaw?

USA Today: “Over steaks and greens, President Obama spent two-and-a-half hours Wednesday night with 12 Republican senators talking guns, immigration and deficit reduction… After the dinner Isakson said the talks were ‘very productive’ and ‘a good first step to what I hope will be an ongoing discussion and a path forward to solving our nation's problems. I commend the president for reaching out to us, as it is critically important that we communicate directly in order to find common ground,’ Isakson said. ‘It's the only way that we can find solutions that are right for America -- not just a win for the president or a win for Republicans. I hope we can continue the conversation from tonight.’”

The AP: “President Barack Obama proposed a 2014 budget that, if adopted, would break his promise to avoid any tax increases for middle- and low-income people. … Now Obama is proposing to raise taxes on just about everyone, including people who make less than $200,000.”

Here’s how: “Each year, income tax brackets are adjusted so people don’t get a tax increase simply because their wages kept pace with inflation. In his 2014 budget proposal, Obama proposes adopting a new measure of inflation that would result in smaller adjustments to the tax brackets each year. That would result in tax increases for most people, especially low-income workers, who would see more of their income subject to the income tax.”

It’s hard to find ObamaCare in the president’s budget.

“President Barack Obama’s budget proposal would rename a national volunteer program after former President George H. W. Bush and give it $10 million in funding,” Politico notes. “The Corporation for National and Community Service would become the George H.W. Bush Volunteer Generation Fund, but it would still serve the same purpose — as a means for helping non-profits and state agencies work better with volunteers.”

Potty mouth. Dick Cheney on North Korea to Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill: "We're in deep doo doo."