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Congress: Under Pressure

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may have backed off of an assault weapons ban, but a video released Monday morning shows that the Nevada Democrat hopes to pressure Republicans into supporting a background check bill in the coming weeks,” Roll Call reports. “The video, released on Senate Democrats’ YouTube channel, is titled, ‘Did Republicans Mean What They Said on Background Checks?’”

The major Menendez donor Salomon Melgen maintains that though he and Bob Menendez are like “brothers,” “I don’t have any business interests at all that have been helped by any politicians,” Bloomberg writes.

“Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) said Monday he does not plan to filibuster any compromise agreement on immigration reform that emerges from the Senate's bipartisan Gang of Eight negotiators, despite continued concerns a ‘pathway to citizenship’ would be included in the deal,” The Hill writes of Inhofe’s appearance on CNN.