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Obama agenda: Follow the Moniz

“President Obama’s pick to run the Department of Energy has been a highly paid consultant for a private equity firm heavily invested in the oil and gas sector while running MIT’s premier energy research center, according to financial disclosure documents,” the Boston Globe reports. “Ernest Moniz, who has directed the MIT Energy Initiative since it was established in 2006, has earned at least $75,000 since 2008 advising Riverstone Equity Holdings LP, which according to government filings has $2.5 billion invested in a variety of fossil fuel production and storage companies in the United States and abroad. Moniz, a world renowned physicist whose selection to chart America’s energy future has been hailed by both energy companies and environmentalists, has come under scrutiny in recent days over his personal financial ties to some of the same oil and gas companies that have funded much of the MIT research — and over which he would have considerable regulatory authority if confirmed for the new energy post.”

The Easter Egg Roll is today. “No April Fool's joke -- President Obama gets to meet the Easter Bunny on Monday,” USA Today writes, noting also that “Kid President” will be there as will Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, NASCAR’s Danica Patrick and John Wall of the Washington Wizards.