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Congress: So close, yet so far away

“Key senators trying to negotiate an agreement on immigration disagreed Sunday about how close they were to reaching a consensus,” McClatchy writes. Chuck Schumer says they’re close, Marco Rubio says talk of a deal is “premature.”

USA Today’s Alan Gomez: “Key senators welcomed an agreement Sunday by business and labor that would remove a large hurdle to a major immigration overhaul, but they cautioned that much work remains to be done and that no final deal has been reached. The compromise between officials at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO would create a ‘W-Visa’ program that would bring in up to 200,000 foreign workers a year to do janitorial, hospitality and construction work.”

USA Today goes to the Cincinnati suburbs to a district that was close enough that one might expect a Republican congressman, who might consider some compromise. But not Steve Chabot. In fact, on gun legislation: “One woman said she supports ‘responsible gun ownership’ and ‘sensible gun laws.’ She said she supports background checks on all gun buyers, and restrictions on military-style weapons. Chabot offered the same reply he gave later to a woman who said the only difference between a free person and a slave ‘is a gun.’ He's unlikely to support any new gun laws, Chabot said, because criminals would ignore them, and there are already enough laws on the books.”

Republicans, independents, and Democrats all say the biggest problem with the GOP is that it’s inflexible, per Gallup.