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Obama agenda: Picking Perez

AP notes that Obama will announce today his nomination of Justice Department lawyer Thomas Perez as the head of the Labor Department.

A majority of Americans – 53% -- say the Iraq war was a mistake, per Gallup, on this 10th anniversary of the war’s start. 

The Boston Globe: “The new group, Organizing for Action, has the president’s full backing, some of the same key political staff — even the same acronym. But it has a different mission and is playing under a looser set of rules that allow it to accept unlimited campaign contributions and cloak much of its activities in secrecy. The first organization of its kind so closely aligned with the political brain trust of a sitting president, Organizing for Action has generated strong criticism from watchdog groups who say it could permit undue influence from wealthy contributors.” 

“The battle for President Obama's library appears to have boiled down two finalists: Chicago and Hawaii,” USA Today writes. “Universities and community groups in both places are busy lobbying the president's people for the facility that the contestants see as an economic and cultural boon. ‘It is a tough choice, but it's not one that I've made yet,’ Obama told an interviewer last month.”