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Obama agenda: Now look who's coming to lunch

“A White House official says President Barack Obama has invited Rep. Paul Ryan for lunch at the White House Thursday,” the AP writes. “Obama’s lunch date with the Wisconsin Republican follows his Wednesday night dinner with a dozen GOP senators.”

Politico’s Thrush says this is part of Obama “seeking to sell Republicans on a revival of ‘grand bargain’ talks.”

(By the way, Politico notes that Ryan “is to unveil a spending plan on Tuesday that balances the government’s books over the next decade.”)

Poll… President Obama has just a 45%/46% approval rating in the latest Quinnipiac poll released. Last month, he was 46%/45% and after his relection was at 53%/40% in December.

“Senate Republicans are more optimistic about the prospect of a grand bargain on the deficit after an intimate dinner with President Obama Wednesday evening in downtown Washington,” The Hill writes. “Obama and a dozen Republicans discussed a range of issues during a nearly two-hour meal at the Jefferson Hotel, focusing mostly on the budget, the issue that most divided them in the last Congress.”

“President Barack Obama is signing into law a bill extending and expanding domestic violence protections, ushering in a legislative victory for gay rights advocates and Native Americans,” AP notes. “Flanked by domestic-violence survivors, lawmakers, law enforcement officers and tribal leaders, Obama was signing the extension to the Violence Against Women Act in a ceremony Thursday at the Interior Department, which overseas programs for Native Americans. A key provision of the expanded law strengthens protections for victims who are attacked on tribal land.”

“The group run by former advisers to President Barack Obama is reversing course, saying it won’t take corporate money and will disclose how much people give after being accused of selling access to the White House,” AP writes.

“The Supreme Court is weighing major decisions on gay marriage and race that could roil the 2014 election beyond the debates in Washington over the federal budget, immigration and gun control,”  National Journal writes, adding, “The high-stakes decisions, expected in June, may force candidates in competitive races to take sides on divisive social issues.”

National Journal has a backgrounder on Penny Pritzker, the Hyatt board member and longtime Obama supporter. She’s being considered for Commerce secretary.