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Decision 2014: NRSC's warning to Senate Dems

UPDATED FEB. 12 11:51 AM ET - Ahead of President Obama’s State of the Union tonight, the National Republican Senatorial Campaign pens a memo noting the many Democrats up for re-election in the Senate would not be a happy with an aggressive, “liberal” push from the president: “The reality is while President Obama and his team burns the political capital that he believes was earned last November, he is lighting an inferno under the electoral prospects for a number Democratic Senate candidates in 2014,” writes Sen. Jerry Moran, chairman of the committee. “Our team is ready to capitalize.  As the president and Democratic leaders in Congress double-down on their demands for higher taxes to finance even more out of control spending Republicans welcome and look forward to that debate in states like Louisiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, South Dakota, Arkansas, Alaska, and many others.”

More: “Gordon Gecko was big on quoting ‘The Art of War.’ Look at where it got him.  We will thus leave the chest-beating and ancient Chinese military quotes to the President and his advisors.  The upcoming political debate isn’t just about Democrats versus Republicans; it’s about a President who is far more concerned about burnishing his legacy in the liberal movement than with fixing real world problems.”

Democrats responded by pointing to the scoreboard.

"National Republicans are repeating the same failed strategies that cost them two Senate seats in 2012 -- ignoring their unpopular policies, toxic brand and deep divisions in their own party," said Guy Cecil, executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Democratic counterpart to the NRSC. "In 2012 Karl Rove and the NRSC spent nearly all their resources trying to nationalize Senate races. They can try to mask their own problems by disparaging the president all they want, but if they spend another cycle pretending senate campaigns are a referendum on Barack Obama then they will certainly remain in the minority for the foreseeable future."

MASSACHUSETTS: Looks like the GOP finally found their candidate… “Gabriel E. Gomez, a former Navy SEAL and private equity investor, took out nomination papers Monday to run as a Republican in the special election to replace Senator John F. Kerry, according to the office of Secretary of State William F. Galvin,” the Boston Globe reports.

NEW YORK: “Activists opposed to a controversial gas drilling process are going after Gov. Cuomo’s presidential ambitions, taking out ads against him in a key presidential battleground state,” the New York Daily News writes. “The coalition of more than 135 groups will run an anti-hydrofracking ad Tuesday in an Iowa newspaper. Iowa is the home of the first presidential caucuses. The ads in The Des Moines Register tell Cuomo that ‘America is looking to you’ and demanding that “not one well” be drilled.”

WEST VIRGINIA: “Wild and wonderful…” Roll Call’s Livingston interviews Rep. Shelly Moore Capito, who after previously being rumored to run for the Senate, is going through with a bid in 2014. “I’ve been a bridesmaid here,” Capito said. “I’m really going to do it. I’m going to walk down the aisle.”