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Brennan discloses eclectic foreign gifts

Jewelry from a Yemeni general, a crystal clock in the shape of a horse jumping over an obstacle from a top Lebanese official, a Swiss bell from the head of Swiss intelligence.

Chalk all of those up to things most people will never be given in their lifetimes. But, like something out of Indiana Jones, they were actual gifts to John Brennan, President Obama’s nominee to be CIA director.

The gifts, all given to Brennan during his time as Obama’s top White House counter-terrorism adviser, are just three of several disclosed by Brennan Wednesday in a Senate questionnaire ahead of his hearing Thursday.

Here’s the full list of gifts: 

- Crystal clock in the shape of a horse jumping over an obstacle (from a former Lebanese defense minister)
- Silver and gold standing plaque (from the director of Israeli counter terrorism)
- Bottle of “Jose Cuervo Platino” tequila from a governor in Mexico
- Green lacquered wood plaque (from the same governor in Mexico)
- 8-piece serving bar utensil set (from the director of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces)
- Swiss bell with a leather strap (from the head of Swiss intelligence)
- Green glass and hold plate (from the head of Turkey’s intelligence)
- White marble bowl (from the Deputy National Security Adviser from India)
- Paper Mache container with gold color inlay, and floral design on lid (from Indian ambassador)
- Navy blue tie (from Minister of Justice of India)
- A circular decorative metal dish (from the head of Turkey’s intelligence)
- Jewelry set of necklace, bracelet, earrings, and a ring (from a Yemeni military general)

For the record, the White House said the acceptance of the gifts are covered by the Foreign Gifts and Decorations Act.

“The gifts listed were from foreign dignitaries/governments and thereby accepted under the Foreign Gifts and Decorations Act,” an official said. “The ones under $350 he keeps. The ones over $350 the government retains.”