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Congress: Losing candidates spend leftover cash for cars, foundations, more

“President Barack Obama’s proposal to delay sequestration appeared dead on arrival in the House — even before he announced it,” Politico notes.

For those wondering… how costly was it for Menendez to repay that donor for those flights? National Journal: “Bob Menendez Spent Up to 87 Percent of Wealth Paying Back Donor.”

“Former House members are spending their leftover money to pay for everything from luxury cars to foundations that bear their names, a USA TODAY review of new campaign-finance reports shows. The practice is legal but raises questions among government watchdogs about whether these accounts are used as political slush funds. Florida Republican Allen West, for instance, spent more than $17 million in his unsuccessful bid for a second House term, but he had enough leftover campaign cash to donate a combined $500,000 to two foundations, including the Allen West Foundation. Ex-congressman Norm Dicks, a Democrat from Washington state, gave $25,000 to the athletic department of his alma mater. Nearly three years after New York Democrat Eric Massa resigned from Congress amid allegations that he inappropriately touched male staffers, his campaign pays his wife nearly $700 a month.”