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Congressman who said Snooki was more substantive than Obama likely to run for Senate

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA), one of the most conservative members in the House of Representatives, appears ready to announce his bid for the U.S. Senate from Georgia on Wednesday.

Broun will make a statement at an Atlanta hotel tomorrow at 4:00 pm ET to announce his plans, according to a press release.

Broun's wife recently told conservative activists that her husband will run, and GOP aides expect Wednesday to be the official announcement.

Broun, who got a 96% rating from the conservative group Heritage Action, has often bucked the House GOP leadership. He voted against John Boehner for Speaker, supporting Tea Party favorite former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) instead.

If nominated, Broun would be the candidate that would give the GOP establishment the most unease.

Broun is so conservative that in 2010, he was one of three members of Congress to vote against the ban of selling animal crush pornography videos. Broun claimed that the government had no right to interfere.

A doctor, Broun has offered multiple bills to try and take down the president's health-care law, and has voted against every single fiscal compromise that the GOP leadership and the president have agreed upon.

Broun is also the only known member of Congress to incorporate "The Jersey Shore" reality show into a press release, calling Snooki more substantive than President Obama.

"I don't know if we should be insulted or humored at the president's feeble attempts to incorporate Republican ideas into his latest health-care proposal," Brown said in March 2010. "Snooki, from the Jersey Shore, has more substance than President Obama's offer."

There are several other Republicans considering a primary bid to replace Saxby Chambliss.

For Democrats, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed declined a bid yesterday. Conservative Democratic Rep. John Barrow is another name others are pointing to as a possibility.