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Congress: Sandy funding passes, but not without drama

The second batch of Sandy funding passed 241-180. But Republicans voted 179-49 against it. Just 49 Republicans joined 192 Democrats.

Here’s the roll call.

“Republican lawmakers are preparing to introduce legislation to direct the U.S. Treasury to make interest payments on U.S. bonds first and then prioritize other government outlays in case Congress does not raise the debt ceiling,” Reuters writes. “Supporters of the idea see it as a politically palatable alternative to default, which could rattle markets as occurred in the summer of 2011. …  But critics, including some Republicans, say prioritizing payments is largely unworkable and would not fool the markets.”

National Journal profile’s Ted Yoho's 24-yr-old chief of staff, who was Yoho’s only campaign worker and almost didn’t get the job because Yoho's wife thought she was a stripper, and she almost got Yoho to vote for himself for speaker. He voted for Eric Cantor (R-VA).

Allen West’s getting himself a web show.