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Biden: Obama may use campaign 'mold' to plug gun policy

Vice President Joe Biden told a group of House Democrats Monday that the White House could use the Obama for America campaign infrastructure built during the presidential campaigns to push for the gun control policies that the White House intends to introduce on Wednesday.

According to Rep Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y., who attended the meeting, Biden told the group "that they were going to use their campaign mold" to pursue gun control policies.

"What he needs to do is like he ran the campaign, same as President Clinton did, to get out to the American people," McCarthy said, "And that's what we need."

McCarthy, who is on the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, says their group of House Democrats will meet with Chris Cox of the NRA next week to discuss their strategy for gun control legislation.

Their recommendations, which will be separate from the president's, will likely be released the first week of February, McCarthy said.

But the political realities of passing an outright assault weapons ban, which McCarthy supports, are becoming clear to members in the House.

Even McCarthy herself admitted "We're not going to get an outright ban."

"Senator Reid has said he doesn't know whether he has the votes (for an assault weapons ban)," she said. "There's heavy lifting, so are we going to waste time on heavy lifting? Or are we going to try to work on doing something that could actually get passed?"

McCarthy added that there is a growing sense that a ban on high-capacity clips is something that could garner enough votes in both the House and Senate.  She also said she's hoping the Senate passes a package of gun control measures first, in an effort to put pressure on the Republican-controlled House.

"I think (Senator Reid) could pass a package without the (assault weapons) ban, and I think he probably thinks that too," McCarthy said, "But let's play it out.  We'll see what the President offers tomorrow and we'll go from there."