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Pastor withdraws from inaugural ceremonies

Georgia-based Pastor Louie Giglio, who was announced to deliver the benediction at President Obama's inauguration, will no longer be participating.

This comes after the liberal blog ThinkProgress reported that Giglio delivered an apparently anti-gay sermon.

Pastor Louie Giglio, who was set to deliver the benediction at President Obama's inauguration, has since been removed from the ceremony. The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart joins Thomas Roberts to discuss.

An example from the sermon:

We must lovingly but firmly respond to the aggressive agenda of not all, but of many in the homosexual community. … Underneath this issue is a very powerful and aggressive moment. That movement is not a benevolent movement, it is a movement to seize by any means necessary the feeling and the mood of the day, to the point where the homosexual lifestyle becomes accepted as a norm in our society and is given full standing as any other lifestyle, as it relates to family.

Obama's inaugural committee today released this statement:

"We were not aware of Pastor Giglio's past comments at the time of his selection and they don't reflect our desire to celebrate the strength and diversity of our country at this Inaugural. Pastor Giglio was asked to deliver the benediction in large part for his leadership in combating human trafficking around the world. As we now work to select someone to deliver the benediction, we will ensure their beliefs reflect this administration's vision of inclusion and acceptance for all Americans."