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Decision 2013, 2014: Frank-ly, my dear…

No, Barney Frank doesn’t want to be senator to up his congressional pension. He doesn’t have one

Frank, by the way, is toning down his opposition to Chuck Hagel: “I was hoping the president wouldn’t nominate him. As much as I regret what Hagel said, and resent what he said, the question now is going to be Afghanistan and scaling back the military. In terms of the policy stuff, if he would be rejected [by the Senate], it would be a setback for those things." 

The Boston Globe notes it’s going to be difficult to keep Super PAC cash out of the special to replace Kerry.

What’s the rush… Cory Booker and Frank Pallone are chomping at the bit for Frank Lautenberg to quit. 

Charlie Cook says the holy grail of voters may be moving from independents to moderates: “As we come out of the year-end fiscal-cliff crisis, there are other fights over the next three months that look equally challenging, if not more so. And the public-opinion fight is more likely to be won by whichever party seems to offer the message of balance that appeals to these moderate voters, who are obviously neither liberal nor conservative ideologues, and who are more pragmatic than dogmatic.”