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Back on the job, Clinton presented with football helmet after concussion

One month after she took ill, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to her busy schedule, and will prepare to testify on the Benghazi terror attack that killed four Americans. NBC's Andrea Mitchell reports.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received a standing ovation on her first day back at work since she suffered a concussion and was diagnosed with a blood clot in December.

Her staff presented her with two gifts: A football helmet emblazoned with the State Department logo, paired with a football jersey with the number 112 across the back, for the number of countries the secretary has visited during her four-year tenure.

Her deputy noted that Washington is a contact sport.

A photo released by the State Department showed Clinton hoisting the helmet into the air after pulling it out of a box.

State Department

Secretary Clinton holds up a football jersey on her first day back on the job. The jersey, given to her by her staff, has the No. 112 on the back symbolizing the number of countries she's visited as Secretary of State.