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Obama-Biden are the official winners; no faithless electors

President Obama won the presidential election decidedly Nov. 6th, but the score was not official until Friday, when a joint session of Congress has counted the electoral votes and confirmed the result.

The official count has Obama and Biden winning 332 electors to Mitt Romney’s 206. That’s same tally as Election Day, which means there were no defectors.

There actually have been faithless electors:

- In 2004, a Minnesota elector cast a vote for John Edwards instead of John Kerry. Edwards was Kerry’s running mate.
- In 2000, a D.C. elector left her ballot blank instead of for Al Gore.
- In 1988, a Dukakis elector instead voted for Lloyd Bentsen, Dukakis’ running mate.
- In 1976, a Gerald Ford elector instead cast his ballot for Ronald Reagan.
- In 1972, someone went for the libertarian candidate rather than Richard Nixon.
- In 1968, another Nixon elector instead cast their ballot for George Wallace.
- In 1960, a Nixon elector went for Harry Flood Byrd, a former Democratic senator from Virginia.
- In 1956, there was a vote for an Alabama judge instead of Adlai Stevenson.
- In 1948, a Harry Truman elector voted for Strom Thurmond

The joint session lasted less than 25 minutes, and went without a hitch or objection.

The House has adjourned until Jan. 14th at 2pm.