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Congress: Stabbed in the back?

Front page of the New York Times: “Fury in G.O.P As House Stalls Hurricane Aid.”

The New York Daily News’ cover: “Stabbed in the back: N.Y. pols blast Sandy betrayer Boehner.” (The cover includes a picture of the Statue of Liberty with a bloodied knife in its back and John Boehner.)

The Daily News’ story: “House Speaker John Boehner did an about-face Wednesday and promised quick action on $60 billion in Hurricane Sandy aid, after his abrupt decision to table the measure triggered a storm of outrage. Boehner’s reversal ended a day of anger and drama in which top Republicans from New York and New Jersey accused the speaker of betrayal — an extraordinary attack against their party’s most powerful figure.”

The New York Post: “Furious GOP lawmakers unloaded on fellow Republican House Speaker John Boehner yesterday for spiking a bill to provide $60 billion in Hurricane Sandy relief — prompting a stunning about-face that puts the disaster aid back on a fast track.”

AP: “Under intense pressure from angry Republicans, House Speaker John Boehner agreed Wednesday to a vote this week on aid for Superstorm Sandy recovery.”

USA Today finds: “More than 40% of the 82 incoming House freshmen had more debt than leftover cash in the bank, a USA TODAY analysis of final election reports shows. For more than two dozen of them, the unpaid bills topped $100,000 each. Seven of the 12 new senators showed debts on their Dec. 6 reports to the Federal Election Commission. As a result, newly elected lawmakers are bombarding their supporters with pleas for campaign money and holding rounds of fundraising dinners, breakfasts and receptions — even before they are sworn in Thursday.”

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) returns to the Senate today after suffering a stroke nearly a year ago. His interview with the Chicago Daily Herald: “Kirk's life and outlook would be dramatically changed, the stroke serving as a defining moment that he said deepened his faith and altered his sense of purpose. Sitting at the dining room table of his suburban townhouse, his left arm slack, Kirk gestures emphatically with his right hand as he says the experience made him resolve ‘to never, ever give up.’”

“He is determined ‘to just keep going, even when things feel like we're at the end here. Which is what the ICU was like for me.’ This Thursday, Jan. 3, Kirk plans to climb the 45 steps of the U.S. Capitol without the aid of a handrail.”