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In emails to supporters, White House highlights fiscal cliff deal

Hours after Congress passed a deal to avert the fiscal cliff, the White House is continued its “outside game” of encouraging public support of President Obama’s policies – in this case, highlighting what the White House considers a victory in the fight over raising tax rates on the wealthiest Americans.

Campaign manager Jim Messina sent a mass email via BarackObama.com, the former campaign website, linking to the video in which President Obama touts the deal and urges supporters to stay involved during his second term.

“Just like four years ago, winning an election won’t bring about the change we seek on its own. It only gives us the chance to make that change,” he says in the three-minute video.

And subscribers to WhiteHouse.gov, the official website, got an email from senior adviser David Plouffe explaining “7 things you need to know about the tax deal.”

One big thing highlighted in that second email: that Obama kept his promises; the first two facts, about tax rates, start off that way.

“As the President promised, income taxes for middle-class families will stay low permanently,” says Fact #1.

Since the election, White House has put an emphasis on outreach over its key legislative priorities, after criticism during Obama’s first term that he didn’t do enough to keep the public informed.

The fiscal cliff outside game has included a social media offensive as well as events in Pennsylvania and Michigan that mimicked the president’s re-election rallies.