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House to vote on Sandy funding Friday, placating outraged lawmakers

Updated 11:15 p.m. ET: House Speaker John Boehner is giving some ground on Sandy funding and timing a vote.

The House will now hold a vote Friday on $9 billion in Sandy recovery funds, followed by another vote on $51 billion on Jan. 15th.

Congress did not hold a vote last night, enraging Tri-state-area members of Congress from both parties.

After a blitzing round of cable interviews, in which Republican Rep. Peter King (NY) blasted Boehner for not voting on the funding last night, he and other New York- and New Jersey-area members say their concerns have been addressed.

"Turning your back on people who are starving and freezing is not a Republican value," King had said this morning on CNN.

This afternoon, after a meeting with Boehner, King's tone changed.

"Whatever's done is done, and that's it," King said at an afternoon press conference on Capitol Hill, adding later, "The bottom line is we need the $60 billion." King later said he was satisfied with the response from House GOP leaders.

Boehner and Reps. Michael Grimm (NJ) and Chris Smith (NJ) also now say they will all support Boehner when he comes up for reelection for speaker tomorrow.

The move also came after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie slammed Boehner and House Republicans earlier in the day.

"Shame on you. Shame on Congress," Christie said in a televised news conference from Trenton, N.J. He called Congress' delay "disgraceful."

"It is why the American people hate Congress," Christie said, adding, "Unlike people in Congress, we have actual responsibilities."