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Ben Affleck for Senate?

But wait – how about Ted Kennedy? “Could Massachusetts get another Ted Kennedy in the Senate?” Politico asks. “Ted Kennedy Jr., son of the late Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy and brother of former Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy, would instantly be the leading Democratic candidate in the special election to replace Sen. John Kerry, assuming he’s nominated as secretary of state.”

“The American Civil Liberties Union sued Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson for refusing to issue drivers’ licenses and identification cards to illegal immigrants covered by President Barack Obama’s ‘deferred action’ directive,” Business Week writes. “Announced in June, that initiative lets those who came to the U.S. illegally before age 16, have been in the country for at least five years, have no criminal record and are in either school or have completed a high school education, remain and to obtain a work permit.”

The Telegraph: “Three young undocumented immigrants who have been authorised to live and work in the US under Barack Obama's deportation reprieve have filed a lawsuit challenging a Michigan state policy that denies them driving licenses. They say the ban defies common sense, violates the US constitution and runs contrary to the Michigan governor's goal of his state coming to be the most ‘pro-immigration’ in the nation. Michigan is one of three states to deny driving licenses to those who have recently been granted special ‘deferred status’, after entering the country illegally as children.”