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Congress: Tax split

Circulating on Capitol Hill… a letter from the National Taxpayers Union, signed by 180 economists, including two former OMB directors, Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Jim Miller, warning of "significant, lasting damage" if tax hikes are implemented as part of the fiscal cliff deal. It not only calls for no hike in marginal tax rates, even for the wealthiest, but also argues against other revenue. “[L]awmakers must resist other destructive proposals that would boost effective tax burdens, such as curtailing itemized deductions for higher earners or imposing discriminatory taxes on energy or other industries,” per the letter.

Here we go… On 12/12/12, “Republicans argued Tuesday that the Obama administration has not provided enough evidence that its $60.4 billion request in Hurricane Sandy aid is needed,” The Hill reports. Pushing this… Senators from Alabama (Sessions) and Arizona (Kyl). Neither state was impacted by the storm. And get this, echoing Eric Cantor’s call to offset tornado relief for his own district, by the way (!!!),House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers of Kentucky “has not said whether either bill would need to be offset by spending cuts elsewhere.”