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Obama agenda: Upper hand

“An American appetite for tax hikes gives President Barack Obama leverage in fiscal cliff negotiations,” Politico writes. “A new Politico/George Washington University Battleground Poll finds that 60 percent of respondents support raising taxes on households that earn more than $250,000 a year and 64 percent want to raise taxes on large corporations.”

“President Obama and Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, met on Sunday at the White House to discuss efforts to resolve the so-called ‘fiscal cliff,’ according to Boehner's spokesman,” National Journal writes.

USA Today: “President Obama and John Boehner met Sunday at the White House, and aides are saying little about it. That is probably good news for the fiscal cliff negotiations.”

NBC’s Carrie Dann: “While the public standoff continues between President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, both sides are staking out their ground for a looming fight over entitlement reform even as some Republicans acknowledge that they may lose the short term debate over tax rates for the highest-income Americans.”

“President Obama’s inaugural committee has decided to accept unlimited corporate donations to help fund the event, reversing a decision from four years ago and drawing criticism for a president who has vowed to change the culture of Washington and limit the influence of outside money,” the Boston Globe writes.

Obama heads to Michigan to a Daimler plant… The Detroit Free Press: “Daimler, which owns Detroit Diesel Corp., will announce a new investment to expand U.S. production and jobs as President Barack Obama visits the company’s Redford facility today. The White House said the investment is expected to be $100 million or more and, with it, Daimler Trucks North America will become the first heavy-duty vehicle equipment manufacturer on the continent to build a fully integrated powertrain from on production facility.”

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is taking heat his support of right-to-work legislation. The Detroit Free Press editorial page: “For two years, we supported Snyder as he took painful steps to restore Michigan's fiscal stability and confront a crisis in which plunging tax revenues and mounting obligations to retired workers threatened to cripple the state's cities and school districts. … [W]e trusted Snyder's judgment. That trust has now been betrayed -- for us, and for the hundreds of thousand of independents who voted for Snyder with the conviction that they were electing someone more independent, and more visionary, than partisan apparatchiks like Wisconsin's Scott Walker or Florida's Rick Scott. … Michigan voters who provided Snyder's margin of victory in 2010 feel betrayed, and they have every justification. If he was ever serious about being the governor who brought Michiganders together, Snyder has just sent himself back to Square One.”

Why’s the SEIU going to Rahm Emanuel’s house with signs branding him a “job killer”? “Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday defended a new janitorial contract at O'Hare International Airport that union members have said will cost Chicagoans good-paying jobs,” the Chicago Tribune wrote. “About 100 people, including members of Service Employees International Union Local 1 and clergy members, showed up at City Hall Tuesday afternoon to take part in a prayer vigil outside the mayor's fifth-floor office to protest the $99 million contract with United Maintenance Co. Inc., hours after Emanuel spoke in favor of the five-year pact.”

And now he’s being branded “Rahmfather” for this: “The mob-related questions keep coming in connection with the company awarded a $99 million custodial contract at O'Hare International Airport, and for the second day the mayor dodged potential Rahmfather implications,” NBC Chicago writes. “Reports surfaced Wednesday that Paul Fosco, a vice president of United Service Companies, served time in 1987 after he was charged in the same corruption case as late mobster Anthony “Big Tuna” Accardo, who was acquitted. A day earlier the Chicago Sun-Times reported the owner of United Service, Richard Simon, had partnered in the past with alleged mob figure William Daddano Jr.”